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Prairie flying Black Steed

Source: "Gansu Daily" (November 29, 2004 first edition) 

Prairie flying Black Steed --- Gansu Hualing Casein Co. documentary development 

Who would have thought that a private enterprise located in remote ethnic minority areas, in just 10 years, this reporter efficiency in recent years 

Who would have thought, one is located in the double, not only to become the leader in the domestic industry, but also in the international market also break a vast world, products are exported to 68 countries on five continents. 

This is a little-known private enterprises, the State did not spend one minute investment, while filling million households Tibetan herders to increase the average annual income of 1,600 yuan. 

It was flying a Black Steed Gannan grassland --- Gansu Hualing Casein Limited. 

10 years ago, the national production of casein products up to hundreds of companies around, in the fierce market competition, most companies went bankrupt, and the remaining few are in a difficult dilemma realm, and remoteness minority areas Gansu Hualing casein Co., Ltd. is in this backdrop founded. Founded at the beginning, they are inventive, a foothold on the prairie, play to our strengths in order to promote the development of marketing, quality and technology to increase stamina, and strive to create a good atmosphere for business philosophy, to achieve the plant for 10 years, corporate profit growth of more than a hundred times amazing performance. Behind these achievements, abuts the chairman Min Wenxiang lead workers traveled a difficult and tortuous road of entrepreneurship. 

Lintan located in Chengguan town since ancient times because of the Han, Hui, Tibetan intersection area, known as "dry dock" said. Hui Min Wenxiang native youth, grew up in the "tea-horse trade", the trained hand and a good ability to do business. Just a junior high school he would travel extensively engaged in long-distance trafficking of animal products. After more than four years in the sea of toil, he deeply felt the vagaries of long-distance trafficking market, the risk is growing, but profits are dwindling. So Min Wenxiang will capture attention in the business management information and livestock trafficking process. He casein from Shanghai a reagent for TVE learned this company was originally successive losses, since the introduction of advanced production technology casein, immediately turn around and efficiency doubled. So he thinking to myself, Gannan grassland animal husbandry mainly Tibetan herders to extract butter from milk left after a lot of cottage cheese "Triton" everywhere, is the production of casein materials. The domestic production of casein companies mostly located in the eastern coastal areas, shortage of raw materials, transportation lines long, costly. And casein products due to good adhesion, film, light, emulsifying, stabilizing, and other functions, is widely used in papermaking, leather, plastics processing, textile industry and a variety of health food, medicine and all kinds of drinks, in domestic and international market demand is very large, this is a very promising project. So, he decided to start a casein production enterprise resource advantages into economic advantages becomes home. However, companies need to set up a lot of money. Min Wenxiang Zouqinfangyou Quartet lobby, a one repeated mobilization, and finally raise more than 100 million social fund in cooperation Linxia relatives and friends in other places, from Shanghai to introduce the high-tech and equipment, leasing a transport company Gannan idle several warehouses for production workshop, September 16, 1994, Gannan Hualing casein plant officially put into operation. 

Hualing Casein plant from the date of construction of production will be entering the high-speed development. They rely on the unique resources, then to produce a fine level of industrial casein 17 tons, to achieve the same output value of 30 million yuan. Enterprise met benefits, many people see the hands of the development prospects of funds casein plant, have come to invest in shares, just a few months as many as 12 million shares of the funds. Gradually formed a shareholder stake in the enterprise, the enterprise managed by the chairman, the new economic system run by a board of directors elected officers, opened a non-public economy Gannan stock cooperative system of precedent. 

With the funds, with the plant, Min Wenxiang put the focus more to open up the market and pay close attention to product quality up. He specifically from Shanghai, Zhejiang and hired engineers, technicians, they learn to technology, science management, and took the sample to the Shanghai National food inspection authorities for testing, test results showed that Hualing Casein factory production of industrial grade casein products quality is not only exceed the national production standards, and achieve the international standard. Flexible mechanisms, adequate liquidity and high-quality products, so Hualing Casein plant production and market share continues to increase. 

1995 production of casein 215 tons, sales income of 4.55 million yuan; 1997 production of casein 623 tons, sales income of 17.98 million yuan. 

1999 Min Wenxiang bold decisions, bought a bankrupt state-owned enterprises in accordance with the law of plant and 28 acres of factory land, set up their own fixed production base, in one fell swoop the end of the lease factories engaged in production history. And assess the situation, seize the opportunity, the overall merger and acquisition of the original Linxia dairies, to enable enterprises to continuously improve the overall strength, 1997, Hualing Casein plant in Gannan launched the first "Internet", realized in online at home and abroad customers do business, not only in the country soon established more than 10 offices and direct sales, product sales will soon account for 80% of domestic market share, and a step by step into the ranks of international competition. 

1998, the plant in Antwerp exported to Germany casein 35 tons, worth $ 80,500, to fill the gaps in the history of Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture exports. 

1999, approved by the National Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Department access to the import-export operations, an official with the international market standards. 

March 2001, the successful formation of Gansu Hualing dairy company. To fully explore the international market, Min Wenxiang personally went to the German market research study, in Hamburg, Germany registered the German 汉堡巴赛马 Hualing company, opened a window to the international market and bridges. This will not only make their products successfully into the German market, but also exported to Belgium, Holland, France and other European countries and Central Asia area, and now they export of casein products accounted for more than 70% of domestic exports of the product. 

With the continuous improvement of business efficiency, Hualing Casein shareholders and plant operators are not satisfied with the mode of operation of small workshops, but to look at improving the quality, technological innovation, the scale of development, to further expand the domestic and international market share on. 

10 years, Hua Ling, who always adhere to the quality of life and establish a good reputation and brand. In production strictly better every process, every step. From acquisition of raw materials to the final product and then to the hands of customers, every step to develop a set of stringent quality control measures, adhere strictly to products manufactured pass rate should reach 100%. 

In order to achieve the goal of 100 percent pass rate, Hualing who established a well-established means of detection and accredited by the National Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau, modern laboratories, testing personnel trained qualified National Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau after the induction, and require periodic rotation , regular supervision of the State Administration of Commodity Inspection. In ensuring meticulous and strict system of management and control measures, employees have to develop a sense of self-conscious quality, and never allow substandard products in their process through. Since the construction, they sold out of the product, none due to quality problems leaving the customer's return and claims the accident. Because of this, "Hua Ling" brand has always played a leading role in the domestic market, casein, and become an international market with the industry reference specimens. 

Hualing company not only rely on their own efforts to become the largest one in pastoral unique resource "Triton" as raw materials, biotech technology to produce yak cheese dairy protein products based integrated processing enterprises, and become even Gannan Prefecture herdsman masses Gansu, Qinghai, Sichuan and other provinces Getting Rid of Poverty boosters. It is estimated to statistics, the output value of the company grew 10 percent every local household income of nearly million pastoralists will increase 2%. 

Before Hualing construction companies, casein products, raw materials, "Triton", in the past only as a herder daily consumption or for animal feeding purposes in early spring, the market price per kilogram of only about 1.2 yuan. 

With the growing Hualing production scale, the demand for raw materials, "Triton" multiplied "Triton" purchase price also increased by about 1.2 yuan per kilogram old to the end of 16 yuan. 

This year, with Hualing company value and benefits of rapid growth, "Triton" in the market price of the purchase price per kilogram from 16 yuan to the end of the year also rose to around 32 yuan, more than 10 years ago, a 26-fold increase, directly stimulating Gannan Prairie 10,089 herdsmen annual revenue of more than 1,600 yuan, "Triton" has become one of the local pastoral herders main economic source of income. Xiahe County wheat kernels generation together to take on the village herdsman End 玛扎西 told reporters that last year his family feeding cows 45, the production of "Triton" 675 kg, the market price of 16.2 yuan per kilogram all sold 10,935 yuan in cash income "Triton" sales became his home after selling goods livestock and butter of the third main source of income. September of this year, he will own the home 825 kg "Triton" sold to the company's acquisition of raw materials Hua Ling point, cash income reached 26,400 yuan, "Triton" sales revenue has exceeded the sale of livestock and goods ghee, became his home The first major source of income. 

In order to ensure long-term and stable supply of raw materials, Hualing the company from 2001 onwards in Xiahe, Maqu, Luqu cooperation with local herders city signed a purchase and sales contracts, to establish a stable raw material supply base, the success achieved "company + base + farmers" industry business model. Currently, the base herdsmen reached 8,850, yak milk feeding capacity of 160,000, the base herdsman produced by "Triton" Hua Ling contract signed by all of the company is higher than the market price of the acquisition, the acquisition of the acquired business in the total amount of accounts amount of 72%, reaching the enterprise and herdsman win-win. In the first nine months, the company put in Hua Ling acquisition of nearly 200 million yuan of funds, than the average 9 years ago, an increase of 4 times. In addition to fully digest the "Triton" resource Gannan Pastoral Area, Sichuan Aba, Ganzi, Qinghai Yushu, Golog, yellow pastoral areas outside the South and other places, Yili, Lhasa, Nagqu and other pastoral "Triton" is also a lot of antelope in China companies sell, Gannan cooperation has become China's largest city, "Triton" transaction center. A rise of casein processing enterprises, not only to achieve the make full use of local resources and value-added processing purposes, and thus the formation of industrial chain Gannan Pastoral Area-specific resources, led to the rapid development of a large number of related industries, for the regional economy development and steady growth of revenue and herdsmen poverty made ​​a great contribution. 

10 years, in the absence of national penny investment situation, the company has accumulated import and export volume of $ 22,280,000, and paid state taxes of nearly 24.6 million yuan, total 410 million yuan of funds put in the acquisition of raw materials. 

Now, the company has developed a set of Hua Ling Electronics sales integration, with total assets of 100.31 million yuan, 460 employees, annual exports worth more than $ 10 million of the modern enterprise groups. The company now has Linxia Huaxia Dairy Co., four wholly owned Xinjiang Iraq Commodities casein Co., Hualing Group sales company, Lintan deer stand hydropower companies, a foreign-owned company. In the first nine months, the company produces all kinds of Hualing Casein products 3860 tons, representing an increase of 48.46 percent over the same period last year, sales revenue of 137 million yuan, an increase of 149%, exports $ 7,230,000, an increase of 79.4 percent, 6.61 million yuan in profits and taxes become industrial production and big profits cooperation city.

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